Metropoli Metropoli Metropoli Metropoli Metropoli Metropoli Metropoli
Jedinica mere: kom
Fabrički broj: D20
Garancija meseci: 24
Stepen zaštite: IP65
Sijalica ukupno: 3
Snaga [W]: 300
Grupa proizvoda: Svetiljka 
Mesto primene: Spoljašnja ugradnja  Unutrašnja ugradnja 
Boja: Bela  Hrom  Siva 
Vrsta izvora svetla: Inkadescentna  Halogeno  Fluo 
Napajanje: 220V 
Tip svetiljke: Zidna nadgradna  Plafonska nadgradna 
Tip grla: Broj sijalica: Pojedinačna snaga [W]:
E14  1  40 

Metropoli, “revolutionary within”. Simple, almost elementary. Elegant, positively impeccable. The die-cast aluminium frame houses the diffuser and a series of interchangeable optics whereby either halogen or fluorescent lamp may be used. The diffuser comes in moulded prismatic glass or in opalpolycarbonate (waterproof).Metropoli is proposed today with LED sources providing the same visual comfort with a lower energy consumption. 
This technical step forward can also be seen in the ease of assembly and maintenance of this lamp. The wide rear hole allows rapid electrical connection during installation and convenient inspection of the system during operation. The diffuser closure system, of the “watch-case” type, facilitates bulb replacement and cleaning of the reflectors. From interiors to porticoes or gardens, Metropoli can create a pleasant continuity between the interior and exterior of an architecture.


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