Stove Stove Stove Stove Stove Stove Stove Stove Stove Stove
Jedinica mere: kom
Fabrički broj: 11873109
Garancija meseci: 24
Stepen zaštite: IP20
Sijalica ukupno: 1
Snaga [W]: 12
Grupa proizvoda: Svetiljka 
Mesto primene: Unutrašnja ugradnja 
Boja: Bela  Crna 
Vrsta izvora svetla: LED 
Napajanje: 220V 
Tip svetiljke: Plafonska nadgradna 
Tip grla: Broj sijalica: Pojedinačna snaga [W]:
E27  1  12 

Modern but playful in the same luminaire. The name of Stove did not come out of the blue. Look at this luminaire from the ground up and you will clearly see the outline of a stove in the body of the lamp, with the asymmetric foot as the flue. Stove is the result of pure geometry and has been perfected down to the smallest detail. Its lines follow each other tightly and balance this robust luminaire. Stove’s special feature is the double pivot points, making this a particularly versatile and very directional spot with 370° rotation and a 90°angle of inclination. In contrast to ordinary spotlights, Stove features a very compact distance between the ceiling and the bulb housing without loss of its extreme agility. The chrome plated and matt black ring around the light source produce a special contrast and give the spot a fitting finish.

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